Data-minimizing Order Service

Our order system will be available in English soon!

You want to leave less traces when shopping online? You want to minimize the risk of your data being shared or leaked? You don't have a credit card or a postal address? Discretion is important to you? Then you are right with us! We'll act for you when you shop online. This is how it works:

  1. Submit your order through our order system, available on the clear web or as a Tor Hidden Service.
  2. If everything fits, we will accept the order.
  3. Pay us the order value and our service fee (2 % of the order value + 12,90 € per single order) in cash, by bank transfer or with the cryptocurrencies Monero and Bitcoin. After that, we execute your order.
  4. We send your goods to you or you can pick them up in our store.
  5. Two weeks later, the order system deletes your contact and shipment data. After another two weeks, the data also vanishes from our backups.

1. Order

Through our order system, which is accessible on the clear web and as a Tor Hidden Service, you can:

Each order is identified by a ten-digit letter code. When you create an order, you must specify a passphrase in order to view and edit it later.

An order can contain several tasks. A task includes all desired items from one merchant. For each item, please enter the link or item number, the properties (e.g., size, color), the quantity and the unit price. Before entering the data, please if the goods are available in the desired quantity and with the desired properties in the merchant's online shop.

If your order includes several tasks, a connection between the single orders can be made (e.g., by looking into our accounting). If you like to avoid this, you can also create separate orders at different times.

Finally, you need to specify how you want to receive the goods. There are currently four options available.

You order is saved as a draft. Within two weeks, you can edit, delete or submit it. When you submit it, you will be asked to review it and you can add comments – for example, a request for a staggered order or delivery.

2. Confirmation

We will check the submitted order and either accept it, reject it or (if it is incomplete) return it for revision. You can see the current status and progress in the order system. If your order is accepted, we will wait for the payment to be received. Incoming payments appear in the order system.

You can order almost all products available in this country that do not require proof and are freely available to end users. An exception to this is proof of age, which can only be provided in person at our store. We reserve the right to refuse products or orders. For deliveries that are subsequently to be shipped to another country, the legal regulations in that country apply in addition.

Unfortunately, we cannot consider vouchers and discount codes when executing orders. Our fee, which is incurred per individual order, is 2 % of the order value (i.e., the value of the goods plus the cost of shipping and packaging) plus a flat fee of 12.90 €.

3. Payment

We process order requests against prepayment only. We currently offer the following payment options:

Once your money has arrived, we will execute the order. If we discover that the order is no longer possible as requested or, for example, the price has increased, we will inform you via the contact option you provided.

4. Pick up or forwarding

After we receive the goods, we check them for completeness and prepare them for pickup or shipment. You will also be informed about this in the order system and via the contact option you provided.

You can pick up the goods in person at our store (Bernhard-Göring-Straße 162, 04277 Leipzig, Germany) during opening hours, stating the order number, or choose contactless pickup from one of the lockers in our store. For the latter you have to send us a padlock.

If you wish to receive your order by mail or parcel service, you can send us a paid and labeled DHL parcel stamp or pay a surcharge for forwarding. In the first case, please choose a parcel stamp that fits the weight and size of your order. In the second case you have the following options:


In your order you have the option of contactless pickup of the ordered goods in our store. For this purpose we have several lockers, the two largest are 59 x 40 x 58 cm. To mitigate possible theft attempts during our opening hours, we padlock some unused lockers as well. We will intervene in case of high noise levels, which may occur during break-in attempts. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee one hundred percent security.

In order for us to secure the locker and for you (or someone picking it up for you) to unlock it, you will need to send us a padlock with a maximum shackle diameter of 9 mm, along with a key or number code and your order number – by mail or in person in one of the designated mailboxes in our store. Keep in mind that mail can be lost or monitored. Make sure you use a secure padlock and recognize your padlock on site.


In our store we have two special mailboxes where you can throw in envelopes with cash and, if necessary, a padlock. The first one (20 x 4,5 cm) is directly at the counter. The second one (17 x 1,8 cm) is located in our second entrance door, which can be reached via the staircase. The stairwell is open during the opening hours of the doctor's practice above us (Mon. 7:30-18:30, Tues. 07:30-12:30, Thurs. 7:30-17:00, Fri. 7:30-12:30).

This way, if you pay in cash, you can hand in the cash and, if necessary, the key and padlock together with the corresponding order number without personal contact. However, this is only possible for items that do not require proof of age.